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The Scandinavian underwater video and adventure web site !

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Hi ! My name is Hans Christian Andersen, yeah -that's right, just like the famous Danish writer (have I ever heard that one before). No relationship whatsoever, I got my name from my grandfather.

I live in Skagen, Denmark and if You want to know where "in the world ?" that is, you can learn more by clicking the location tab.

I "lost my heart to the sea" when I was a little boy, and that's how it's been since. Underwater video is my passion, and I am currently working on changing my life towards more diving and filming.

I frequently arranges diving expeditions in the area around Skagen, and on the Swedish west coast and Norwegian east coast.

I specialize in underwater film production. Producing, filming, editing and distributing on VHS, DVD or for the Internet.

Web site programming is also one of the services that I am offering, through my danish company

If you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me, by clicking the contact tab.

Sincerely Yours
Hans Christian Andersen -
Skagen - Denmark

The translation of this web site into english, is done by myself. If You see something translated completely wrong, please be kind enough to contact me. Thanks in advance.

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