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This website in danish

Links of high "underwater quality" ;-)

Underwater video sites:

UW film festival - Antibes - France
Underwater Images Photo/Video Competition - Cincinnati - USA
Undersea Film Exhibition - San Diego - USA
International Underwater Film Festival - Beograd - Serbia and Montenegro
La Fête de l'Image Sous-Marine
SUBIOS Seychelles International Underwater Festival
Celebrate the Sea Marine Imagery Festival
Wildscreen -an international wildlife film festival
Arkive - An online Noah's Ark of digital multi media portraits
The world festival of underwater images in Kope - Japan
Dive films online - Dedicated to Showcasing Underwater Digital Video
THE international website for wildlife film-makers
International Film Festival & Media Center
Filmmakers for international global conservation
Toronto International Environmental Film & Video Festival
Ocean Footage - Buy underwater film online
Golden Dolphin - Video CD magazine of diving and the ocean world
Video University Underwater Video Forum.
more to come.....

Various Underwater Imaging Web Sites:

DYK - Danish diving magazine
Danish sportdiving association
DivePhotoGuide -an essential new resource
Free web magasine
X-ray mag - free web magasine

more to come.....


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